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PolyTec Marketing specialises in providing clients with the most innovative and advanced machinery. The relationships and trust the company has developed with valued principles and suppliers Internationally, provide our clientele with a hassle-free experience, which is further backed by the highly trained and skilled engineering and technical team, providing an excellent after sales service.

  • Hx Nitro Industrial Inkjet Printer

    Hx Nitro Industrial Inkjet Printer

    Hx Nitro Industrial Inkjet Printer is manufactured with standard ISO 9001, ISO 13458 and AS 9100.

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  • Maple Jet Printer

    Maple Jet Printer

    Easy to install in any production line.

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  • Ink Jet Printer

    Ink Jet Printer

    Products with clear batch codes, expiry dates and details are prerequisites for good packaging.

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  • Heat Shrink Tunnel

    Heat Shrink Tunnel

    As packaging attracts the eye of the consumer, certain products require special wrapping called Shrink Wrap.

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  • Generator


    Perkins power solutions are designed to improve your performance and productivity.

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  • Bundler / Shrink Wrapper

    Bundler / Shrink Wrapper

    Programmed sleeve fixing and contracting machine is a programmed PE film recoil bundling machine, which is reasonable for the mix of items without base help naturally shrivel bundling.

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  • Semi Automatic Form Fill Machine

    Semi Automatic Form Fill Machine

    A Form Fill Machine helps companies beautifully pack their sachets with the right quantity in it.

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  • Carton Sealer

    Carton Sealer

    The Carton Sealer is also known as the ‘Gum Tape Machine'.

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  • Check Weighers

    Check Weighers

    Our organization check weigher assumes a fundamental part in numerous sorts of businesses.

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  • Liquid Filling Lines

    Liquid Filling Lines

    Our straight programmed fluid cleanser motor oil bottle filling line, embracing servo cylinder filling,

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  • Semi Automatic L-Bar Sealer

    Semi Automatic L-Bar Sealer

    While bundling merchandise for retail purposes, the wrapped items must look alluring to purchasers.

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  • Auto Stretch Wrapper

    Auto Stretch Wrapper

    The Stretch Wrapper is a machine updated with the latest technology,

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  • Fully & Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

    Fully & Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

    Semi Automatic Strapping Machines are commonly used to secure cartons or heavy items using a strap (Strapping Tape).

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  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber

    Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber

    Vacuum sealers or Vacuum chamber machines commonly use vacuum bags or barrier pouches.

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  • Metal Detector

    Metal Detector

    A large color display with touch panel achieves simple operation.

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  • Band Sealer

    Band Sealer

    The Band Sealer Machine is an effective tool used in industries such as Food & Beverage,

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  • Labelling Machines

    Labelling Machines

    This flat-top self-adhesive labeling machine is suitable for medicine, cosmetic, food, and packaging industries,

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  • Conveyor Systems

    Conveyor Systems

    A transport framework is utilized in numerous businesses as a standard piece of mechanical dealing with gear to move merchandise, items, crude products,

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