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PolyTec Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. has a vast portfolio of products and services which we offer our valued local and international clients. We have globally reached out to many countries to be their partners mainly in the supply of packing machinery. Scroll below and see through on what you can receive from us, and we guarantee our best service to you.

Individual services

  • A female counselor solves technical issues and gives business advice.

    Onsite Support

    Our dedicated engineers and technicians will always find the time to reach out to our customers on all technical issues.

  • Creative and innovative packaging solutions at PolyTec Marketing (Pvt) Ltd.


    We are always looking to develop our customer’s packaging systems through our Research and Development program. Upgrades are always a possibility through PolyTec Marketing (Pvt) Ltd.

  • Friendly customer service at PolyTec Marketing (Pvt) Ltd.


    We understand the customers perspectives and we are always on the look out to support our valued clients even during difficult times. Discounts and Credit Periods are always an option under certain terms and conditions.

  • On time delivery service at PolyTec Marketing (Pvt) Ltd.


    On time delivery is one of our key principles here at PolyTec Marketing (Pvt) Ltd business is most important and is our top priority. cater to your.

  • Professional import services at PolyTec Marketing (Pvt) Ltd.


    We are authorized agents for over 40 agencies and we are able to cater your needs through imports. Just reach out to us and we will take care of the rest.

  • Friendly customer service executives at PolyTec Marketing (Pvt) Ltd.

    Online Inquiry

    We welcome all inquiries through our website. Our customer service executives will be right with you ASAP.

Our Approach

Our Approach at PolyTec Marketing (Pvt) Ltd.


We gather the information you provide us of your requirement.


Our team of Experts research on a suitable packaging system for your business, which will be cost efficient and user friendly.


Using some of the advanced technologies, our experts come right to your business and will present to you the most suitable.


Your view matters to us.. If you are satisfied with our proposal and demo, we hop on to the next stage of financial negotiation, which then leads to implementation of your new packaging system.