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I would like to commence by thanking our wonderful clientele, our loyal global principles,the consistent overseas and local suppliers and our dedicated staff for helping us to progress so rapidly to the position we are in, today.

Whilst our company’s growth over the last twenty years can be described as phenomenal, we are determined to achieve greater success and growth in an industry where we have established ourselves as an exceptionally competent and globally/locally recognized company serving the packaging industry. As a result, we have a portfolio of over 30 agencies from across the globe and are representatives of a range of products that meet the highest quality and standards. It is our great vision to expand ourselves and diversify to be the first company to construct an experience center for our loyal and devoted clientele to experience machinery and material production in action.

In our pursuit of excellence, PolyTec Marketing (Pvt) Ltd., will strive to achieve customer service excellence in all areas. We continue to devote ourselves to researching and developing new and exclusive methods of serving our customers faster and efficiently in the future.

Our business has become a global success through the unstinted efforts of our dedicated workforce of skilled and talented team members.

I am proud to state that we are capable of delivering customised solutions even to the most advanced production facilities in the world.

Looking to the future, we are committed to making a positive and innovative contribution to the packaging industry that will primarily benefit our country, Sri Lanka and all stakeholders aligned to the industry.

I look forward to building a strong and mutually viable business relationship with many more of you in the future.

Rishan Corera