Tea Bag Tagging Machine ST-M80

This machine is a piece of equipment used to move winded tags and filters (PLA, Nylon, PET, Non-Woven, etc) at a regular pitch and to weld tags and strings together by using ultrasonic waves.

Tea Bag Tagging machine is the instrument sealing to printed tag and connection yarn for pyramid tea bag to a filterby using ultrasonic waves technique.

Pyramid shape made by transparent mesh material, such as flowers, fruit, green tea, the high quality teas in a glass of water gives a luxurious feeling of floating.
Because of the surge in demand for well-being boom in herbal and fruit tea production tea bag products are available.

Tea Bag Tagging Machine ST-M80 Specification


Origin Korea
Model Number ST-M80
Machine Dimension
Ultrasonic Part 1250(L) x 780(W) x 1760(H)
Winding Part 600(L) x 600(W) x 1134(H)
Machine Weight 600kg +150kg= 750kg
Power 3 Phase 220V 2.5KW
Compressed Air Dry Air 5kg/cm2
Tagging Machine Nylon, PLA, PET, etc.
Capacity 80 to 85 tags/min



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