After sales service & customer care Department


Every installation should be a good reference

After every installation we provide one year warranty for each and every machine with 2 free services. We offer our continuous service at all times. We understand that it is an important part of our business to take care of our machines.

We have trained our technicians with relevance to each and every machine we market. We are proud to mention they are a well-equipped & knowledgeable courteous young team who takes care of all our machines attentively with prompt responsiveness. We take every possible action to minimize down time of each machine and maximize the production of our valued customers. Our ambition is to keep all our machines in excellent working conditions


We will continue our focus on product development, to keep and improve customer satisfaction by having a competitive and technically advanced product range. To realize it we use latest technology together with skilled and competent employees. A complete production set up from raw materials to final product test, equipped with automated machines and robots secure quality and accessibility.


Our ambition from the start has been that all our customers are satisfied. Therefore we focus on being able to offer operation safety, low operation costs and also a good working environment rather than focusing on low price. In other words an early focus on life cycle cost.

Your satisfaction is our destination, and we have keen hope to work, study and win together with you, to become the strong support of your business.

Same smile? We are more honest;
Same service? We are more attentive;
Same price? We are more reasonable;
Same quality? We are more reliable.