Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine


Pyramid Packing Machine

This machine is a piece of equipment to weigh the given quantity of tea,  put in to a bag  and produce a pyramid shaped tea bag by using ultrasonic waves. It is designed to make measurements by using precise load cells and has a sorting ability which can weigh a maximum of 8 kinds of products accurately.



Pyramid Packing Machine – Specification


Origin Korea
Model Number CP-M80
Machine Dimension 810(W) x 980(D) x 1970(H)mm
Machine Weight 500kg
Power 3 phase 220V 2.5KW
Compressed Air Dry Air 5kg/cm2, 280Liter/min
Packing Articles Tea, Coffee etc.
Shape 2-side Ultrasonic Sealing and Cutting
Packing Weight About 1g to 5g(User definition)
Capacity 60~80bags/min
Measuring Cup Capacity 85cc
Weigh Sensor Lead Cell
Using Filter Nylon Mesh Filter(Patent)
PLA Mesh Filter
Nonwoven Filter



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